Hello. My name is Grace White and I am one half of the musical duo Grace and Tony. We are out of Loretto, TN, but have spent the last few years of our lives traveling the US of A and have been out of the country a few times as well. Our music is very different and hard to put a tag to. Our first EP, “Inside a 7 Track Mind“, basically showed how you could turn a punk song into a very folky type tune. This is where we were dubbed ” punkgrass”. Our second album, “November“, was a mixture of sounds and genres that kept you guessing. Unlike the EP, our album kept to a bare minimum on the “murder songs”. It introduced the world to us by weaving together epic tunes of our love for each other, our views on how music should be, and pretending to be super heroes. We are currently working on a new album that hasn’t even been named yet, but I can tell you that when we are out playing these new songs, people have commented things like “This is like if Tim Burton had a folk band” and “This should be called folkhorror”. I feel like the new album will be a collection of stories and fun history lessons and we are super excited about it and what it will do for our career. I have even toyed with the idea of writing short stories for each song on the new album and publishing the book for purchase. What do you think?

We also have two beautiful daughters, Alli (14) and Mary (12) and a son, who is actually a dog, Abe (5). Touring hasn’t been easy on any of us, but we had decided to only be gone around 2 weeks out of every month to make it a bit easier.(I also spend my 2 weeks home as an RN. I work in an inpatient rehab facility specializing in strokes in Alabama right down the road from the famous FAME studio.) Over the summer, the kids came with us on a few runs, and it was trying at times, but the fact that we were made to take two vehicles added to our sanity by splitting them up into different cars. At the beginning of this school year, we decided to start homeschooling Alli since she was going into high school. It will allow us to take her out with us on our runs. Mary will be thrown into the world of home school and tour life when she enters high school in 2 years.

My goal for this blog is to let our fans see that we are just a regular married couple with a not so regular life. People come up to me all the time and say “You’re famous!”, but that doesn’t keep us from being regular human beings like everyone else. There are times when the places we go are fabulous, like our week long cruise to the British Virgin Islands, but there are also some crappy times where we end up at a gig and its crazy from the time we walk in to the time we walk out. I hope that people enjoy what I post here, because writing is something that I’ve always loved to do. Follow the blog and follow us on our amazing journey of “rock star” lives!


4 Responses to About

  1. Awesome start! The new songs that I’ve heard are wonderful and the short story idea sounds great.


  2. Please write the book of short stories to sell along with the new album. That would be wonderful. And please come to the Charlotte, North Carolina area again soon! Thanks.


  3. Jesse Biggers says:

    I just wanted to write a few lines to express the true enjoyment I have from your music and blog. I recently left the Marine Corps after 12 years and life at the moment seems to be in a constant state of disorientation due to relocating to a new area, a new career and adjusting to the “civilian” lifestyle. The ability to relax at the end of a hectic day with a drink and your hauntingly beautiful music allows me an escape from all the stress that is carried throughout the day. Being a fan of punk music for the majority of my life, the blend of different genres has opened my eyes to a new world of music I probably would not have listened to before. Again, thank you for the effect your music has had and will be waiting for your next show close to Burlington, NC to hear it in person.


    • graceandtony says:

      Wow! Thanks so much for the uplifting comment! Sometimes we are really worried about how our music is perceived and at other times we love it more than anything! Its awesome to hear people’s stories and to know that we have impacted someones life in a positive way, so thank you again.


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