Tour: Norman, Oklahoma

Today I’m posting about our first stop in Norman, Oklahoma. It is technically day 3 for us, but I’m sparing you the boring details of our 10 hour drive here. But I will say that I spent the day before leaving packing, but this time, I wrote down everyday we would be gone, where we would be, and exactly what I would be wearing each day. OCD at it’s finest. I feel very accomplished and proud about the way I don’t have to spend time fretting over what I’m wearing each day, though.

We left out Wednesday, the 12th, around 11 am and traveled on I-40 West the entire trip. The land started to go from hills and valleys to just plain flat land. But, I don’t mind, because if you have been paying attention, we spend a great deal of time in the North East, and it is snowing up there, so, that sucks. We stayed with a couple that has a farm and a vineyard and a really awesome house. Meet Susan and Terry Boehrer. These guys work hard and are super generous with their time and their house. They are almost 100% self sustained from their farm and so, when we woke up the next morning, she cooked us a farm-fresh meal! Everything was from the farm! Eggs, bacon, sausage! It was great!

The reason we are here, actually, is because of Cayamo. Cayamo, if you haven’t heard is a music cruise that starts in Miami and takes you to the British Virgin Islands and back in 7 days. When we played Cayamo last year in February, we got an opportunity to perform on one of the islands at a venue called Foxy’s. Note: Foxy is a real person who just decided one day to go live out in the woods in a lean-to and start growing his own plants in buckets. There is a guy at the restaurant/venue that Foxy owns that will convince you to go see Foxy out in his lean-to, and you go, and Foxy tells a bunch of jokes and tells you his story and it is a very interesting story to add to your life. Anywho, while we were at Foxy’s, we met a group of people, and started chatting with them, and the dialogue went in the direction of house shows. So, Frank and Suzy Lawrence and their partners in crime, Susan and Terry, had us out for an awesome night. Tony actually became good friends with Susan and Terry’s grandson, Jaxson, who followed Tony around pretty much all day. It was so cute!

As usual, we always like house shows better than venues. People are there for the music, and they are respectful and stay quiet. Last night, we actually played two brand new songs for our guests and they seemed to be taken fairly well. We are excited to share them with the rest of the world! Starting in December we will be recording the new album and we are beyond anxious to get it out to our fans!

Today, we will make the short 3 hour trip to Dallas, Texas and play another house show. On the way there, we hope to find a Buckees store so that I can freak out about how awesome it is.

I will leave you a few pictures, one is of me and the house pet, Kiser, and there are others that were taken by my Instagram friend, Tom Hibben of Hibben Photography. Neither of us are really sure how we ended up following each other on Instagram, but it never fails that some of the coolest people I have ever met, I have met on Instagram. So, here are the pictures, and make sure to check out Hibben Photography on Instagram and check out Redbud Farm and Vineyard on FullSizeRender(1) FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender(2)


About conspiragracetheory

In 2015, I was writing about our adventures on tour as Grace and Tony. I have decided to spend 2016 on a new project called Conspiragrace Theory, which is a blog about things I believe, but have no proof for. Most of the time this will be things that I just blurt out and don't really think on or research. Some of it will be offensive. If you don't like it, don't read it.
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