Tour life: Day 18 and so on…

I first must apologize for not writing this sooner. Our last show with Dom and his crew was in Rocky Mount, Virginia at The Harvester. We arrived and were pleased to find that we had a parking spot right by the door for load in blocked off by orange cones. This is the first time the whole tour this has happened, and it was greatly appreciated. Our group loaded in and moved through our sound check as quickly as possible and took the elevator, yes, the elevator, down to our greenroom. Dom, Brian, and Dante met us there and we recorded our greenroom session with them. I hope that we get an opportunity to post some outtakes from the video that we made, because it was hilarious.

The show went well. There weren’t as many tickets sold as were expected, but it seemed like there were a few people that walked up and bought tickets that night. Our friend, Eric Honeycutt, from North Carolina drove to see us. If you watch for our posts on social media, you have probably seen some of the new pictures that he’s taken of us. One in particular that I have noticed people have said that they like a whole lot is the one where we have angel wings. We were glad to see him and glad that we have friends and fans that go to great lengths to see us. We even had a couple there from Colorado that just so happened to be in town that night, and they are one of the couples that we are going to do a house show for on our November tour.

After playing, we were all starving, and so we went across the street and picked up some food that was on the house for being the entertainment for the night. I don’t know about everybody else’s food, but my crab cakes and braised greens were amazing! Being the tour mom that I am, I cleaned up everybody’s plates and empty bottles and was praised by the girl that came to pick up the greenroom later. She was surprised that we hadn’t left a mess for her. Bands….pick up your crap. It’s just polite.

Parting ways wasn’t so easy for all of us, so we decided to form a circle hug and we actually sang a verse of Kumbaya. We all hopped into our vehicles and hit the road. We decided that we didn’t want to have to get another hotel and be gone another day, so we opted to drive the 7 hours back to Nashville that night. I took the first shift, Tony got the second shift, and Pete got unlucky and took the last shift. We arrived shortly after five in the morning, so Tony, Alli, and I decided to crash at Pete’s for a few hours. My family arrived in Loretto on the 16th sometime around 1 PM and shortly after, while we were visiting with Tony’s parents, I got a call from my boss asking me if I wanted to work the next day. We had a show at my sister in law’s house the next day so she asked if I could work half a day as a tech and I told her I could. At work, I was asked to work the next day as well, and I said that I would. I’m a sucka.

It was fun having a house show at Tony’s sister’s house. She had invited some of her friends, and it was actually her and her husband’s anniversary. We played most of our songs, and I feel like her friends were adequately impressed. Unfortunately, because of my decision to work again, I asked to stay in her pool house that night so I could sleep some before having to wake up before 6 AM to make it to work in time. I believe that Tony left her house around 3 AM, so it’s a good thing that I decided to be a party pooper and go to bed before the party ended.

Today is Sunday, and we had our weekly family meeting at my grandmother’s house. She always fixes Sunday lunch and it’s nice to be there with all of them after being gone for 3 weeks. My nephew was there and his mom, my sister, was up at our parent’s house nursing a head cold or some such nuisance. Tony has stolen Kon’s heart, as Kon has stolen Tony’s. He ran after Tony most of the afternoon until I took over and he fell asleep in my arms. There is a running joke with my family that my grandmother puts sleeping powders in her food, so not only did Kon go to sleep, but I went to sleep as well.

As of now, Tony and I are working on a new song for the next album. If you didn’t know, we are working on getting down to Florence, Alabama to record with Jimmy Nutt for this one, and we hope to start in December and have it ready to go by May. Fingers crossed. Watch for a launch of Pledge from us on social media, as we will be trying to crowd fund this again. You guys help us make music without putting us in “a van down by the river.” This one that is being worked on is a tale of pirates being stuck at sea for an extended period of time, and that’s all you get people…

Now, a bit of sales pitching. Before I end this post, please remember that we are having a home town show on November 1st with several special guests. Malcolm Parsons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Carolina Story, The Huntley Sisters, and a secret special guest will all be there with us to play and most will be attending the “meet and greet” that you can attend with the purchase of a VIP ticket. Our show will be with Tony and I, our cellist Chris, our drummer Pete, and we are also having two violinists, another cello, viola, and full size upright bass. We really cant wait to have this show, and I hope that everyone who is able to attend will go pick up some tickets in our area at select businesses or get their tickets via We hope to see you all there. It is an important show for us, as it is helping to raise money for our tour to California and back. So, tell all your friends and family!

Thanks so much for reading this blog, guys. I will post again closer to our “Coming Home” show on November 1st! Just a little less than 2 weeks away!


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In 2015, I was writing about our adventures on tour as Grace and Tony. I have decided to spend 2016 on a new project called Conspiragrace Theory, which is a blog about things I believe, but have no proof for. Most of the time this will be things that I just blurt out and don't really think on or research. Some of it will be offensive. If you don't like it, don't read it.
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