Tour life: Day 17

Burlington, Vermont…. I’ll have to change my previous views that Pennsylvania is the prettiest state I’ve driven through. I tricked you there because the prettiest state is not actually Vermont. On our way there, though, we drove through New Hampshire. Oh. My. Goodness. Rolling hills for miles and miles topped with vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and greens. Barns and old buildings came popping up out of nowhere randomly and presenting themselves as a reminder of the past. So beautiful!

Yesterday, we got on the ball or something because we were actually early for our sound check! Almost an hour early! Woah! The guy that opened the doors for us was nice enough to let us load in and that was really awesome of him. After we had set up our gear on stage, at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont, and out of Dom’s band’s way we went upstairs to the greenroom. Lining the walls were pictures of people that had played there in the past. My two favorite pictures were the ones of Cake and there was a really awesome picture of Shadows Fall, which is one of the old “hardcore” bands I used to listen to. I think I actually saw them once or twice live. The lead singer has dreads that are seriously scraping the ground. This picture was of him with his body flung forward in a scream and his dreads flying through the air like tentacles of a sea monster reaching out to grab someone from the audience to sacrifice them to the Cthulhu. It was an amazing shot! Tony was more impressed with the picture of Aaron Neville and his Jesus tattoo on his massive arm… Are there one of those emojis with rolling eyes for blogs?

The greenroom was split into a few different sections and we even had our own room with our names on the door! Legit! They had a fruit and veggie plate waiting on us and also a bowl of salsa with tortilla chips! Then there was supper! We love venues that feed you!!!! We had fresh baked bread, rolls, salad, pulled pork, BBQ brisket, mashed red spuds, baked mac and cheese, and steamed carrots. I was in heaven.

After I was rolled onto stage like Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…I ate too much…. Our crowd was very receptive here and we are proud of you crowd! Thanks for making us feel good about our music songs. The finale went really well, also, and Dante about made my hand fly off with his drum beats during my fast solo in I’ll Fly Away. This is the second night in a row. Sheesh!

Our next show will be in Virginia so that was over a 12 hour drive so we drove a little last night and made it to Albany, NY before falling asleep behind the wheel at almost 4 in the morning. Our journey started out well and we were really excited about seeing our friends, the Boobergs in Midlothian, Virginia, but we are currently sitting at a Chevy dealership after having our oil changed and the oil “mysteriously” ending up in the intake. Our car is smoking like a freight train and we are not getting to Midlothian anytime soon. Bummer.

Well, tomorrow is our last show in Rocky Mount, Virginia, and then home! Yay! I will update you all about the car in tomorrow’s post! Thanks for tagging along on our journey this time, and give some feedback if this is something interesting and worthwhile enough to do on every tour or if maybe I should make one long post with highlights next time? What do you think?


About conspiragracetheory

In 2015, I was writing about our adventures on tour as Grace and Tony. I have decided to spend 2016 on a new project called Conspiragrace Theory, which is a blog about things I believe, but have no proof for. Most of the time this will be things that I just blurt out and don't really think on or research. Some of it will be offensive. If you don't like it, don't read it.
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4 Responses to Tour life: Day 17

  1. Siobhan Tunstead says:

    I love the stories from the road! I just keep hoping to see you list your next stop somewhere close to Charleston WV so we can go!


  2. cbooberg says:

    The blog is great – stick with the daily posts


  3. rondelrio says:

    Keep it going…


  4. Laura says:

    Keep them coming Grace!


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