Tour life: Days 9 and 10

I was thinking last night,” We are only half way through this tour!” On our ninth day, we were in Providence, Rhode Island at The Columbus Theater. We had a really great crowd and actually had a little surprise that night. Our friend, Paul, from Jacksonville, Florida was in Rhode Island for business and came out to our show and brought some of his friends, and also brought us dinner from a swanky restaurant! Who knew Sea Bass would taste so good?! And then there was the lobster mac and cheese, the Parmesan truffle fries, and the creamed corn with Applewood smoked bacon. I’m getting hungry again.

After the show we went to Denny’s and ate again because, even though it was after midnight, that meal was technically lunch for us. We ended our night getting a hotel in Rhode Island, which was our first hotel stay for the entire tour. That is because we are blessed with friends who don’t mind having their days and nights interrupted to take care of us. It is beyond words how valuable these people have been to us and how appreciative we are.

The next day we headed out to Philly because we had a house show that night at 7:30. Traffic was insane and I’m pretty sure we got stuck in New York interstate traffic for at least an hour. That would partly be because my GPS is crazy and you have to predict which of the lanes you need to take based on the layout of the land before you and what the signs say according to what the GPS “says” the sign says. Those two things don’t always match up. Needless to say, but I will anyway, we got turned around quite a few times. One time in particular, we went through a toll booth that we weren’t supposed to hit. They made us pay anyway, but gave us a pass to come back through for free after we went another 7.5 miles up the road and after they knew what our license plate number was, how many people were in the car, who our mothers were, etc., etc.

Things did start to look up, though, when I found this little gem at a gas station somewhere near New York or Jersey…20141006_170230We first found these “Kinder-eggs” when Tony and I went to the U.K. in July 2013. They were deemed illegal here in the U.S. and I will tell you our assumptions after I explain what they are. This may just seem like a chocolate egg to you, but it’s not. This chocolate egg has a little plastic egg inside that has tiny little pieces inside of it that, when put together, forms a tiny little toy! I think Alli…excuse me, Alex, got a itsy bitsy robot in this one. While in the U.K. Tony and I were trying to figure out why they were illegal in the U.S. and Tony’s assumption was that kids in America were too stupid to know not to eat the toy inside and that it was a choking hazard. My assumption was less insulting to American children, as I decided that the plastic inside was unsanitary and could cause disease (according to strict rules of the FDA and CDC, not because I’m a germaphobe). The more I think about it, the more I think Tony is right, though. For example…in Rhode Island, Paul bought Alex a Hershey chocolate bar and when she sat down with it, it immediately vanished into thin air. Now, had there been a toy inside, she would not have had the time to realize her mistake before it was too late at the rate she was going. Just saying…

When we finally made it to our destination in Philly, it was 7:10. It was decided to postpone the starting time by just a little due to some circumstances, but that was okay because there was a table full of food! Lunch! (Please do not refer back to the time. I am a good mother, I bought her a Kinder-egg…) This house show that we had arrived at was also full of people that my BFF Lenny had brought together for us! He flew from Florida and greeted us with warm welcomes and surprises! Let me just tell you how cool Lenny is. Starting with food again, this was apparently one of Dianne’s favorite treats…20141006_233755This is called a tomato pie. It is, in effect, a pizza without toppings, and it is good. Then if you traveled down the table a little bit more, you found something slightly familiar and then after the double take…20141006_192122They were little cookies that Lenny had made with the drawing that Gregory Berger had made for us! Yay! How awesome! But this has not scratched the surface… Let me take you a little further inside the house, to the upstairs area where Tony and I would be resting our heads for the night. Laying there were several bags of my favorite chips…20141007_145637Honey Cheese curlsssssssssssss………… There’s the food portion of the awesomeness of Lenny Piazza, now, this is what Lenny usually sends me in the mail, except I saw him in person, so it was just left on my bed to freak out over. I now have the second season of Twin Peaks in my hands. I had just finished the first season before coming out on tour and there were several things that happened in the last episode that were putting me on edge, and so now I will finally know! I also received what looks like two graphic novels of Maus. Looks to be a Nazi themed graphic novel with mice at that! Good! I’m almost done with my third book and I only had two more left. I needed some more things to keep me occupied! I actually thought about skipping the show last night and just going into a honey cheese curl coma while watching Twin Peaks…but I resisted the temptation.

The house show was incredible! Mostly because I got to meet a lot of Lenny and Dianne’s friends and just enjoy time hanging out with people. Also, now I get to unearth the surprise that you all have been waiting for after reading about it! Rob got up during the second half of our set and we all played the Pink Floyd song, Mother, and Rob killed it with the solo! Absolutely amazing! This all went down at one of Dianne’s closest friends mom’s house. Kathy is Dianne’s friends name and Rita is her mom’s name. Kathy and Rita have a business where they teach vocal lessons. Rita was a star in her prime and shines just as much now in her 90’s! I’m fairly certain she flew up the steps to her bedroom at the end of the night instead of hobbling up them like you might think a typical 90 year old might do. I hope I’m like her when I’m that age!

Am I really caught up to present time…? I think I am… maybe I missed a day. Nah… So this morning, I got up and ate a bagel while talking to Lenny, Kathy, and Rita and am thoroughly enjoying myself today. I think I’ll actually open up a bag of my honey cheese curls before I rejoin the group downstairs. Only a few more hours until we play our show in Philly at the Tin Angel!


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In 2015, I was writing about our adventures on tour as Grace and Tony. I have decided to spend 2016 on a new project called Conspiragrace Theory, which is a blog about things I believe, but have no proof for. Most of the time this will be things that I just blurt out and don't really think on or research. Some of it will be offensive. If you don't like it, don't read it.
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