Tour life: Day 5

Let it be known from now on as a well known fact that Tony hates driving in Washington, DC more than he hates driving through the middle of Times Square. Now, let me rewind a few hours and I’ll come back to “well known fact of the day”. As we were leaving Rob’s house, we needed gas and so we stopped not far up the road. (Reminder here of amateurs driving around a Uhaul.) Our turn out of the gas station needed to be to the left. Alas, there was a median preventing this, so we had to turn right. Long story short, we got stuck in a parking lot inching forward and backward, trying to squeeze our Traverse plus Uhaul into tiny spaces to get back on our way again…we lost at least 10 minutes here.

I have had some pretty severe sinus headaches since we have gotten further north and so I went to sleep. Not completely sure what happened between the time I fell asleep and the time I woke up to craziness in the middle of DC, but suffice it to say that it was a rude awakening. I hadn’t been awake but a few minutes before the sound guy from the venue called my cellphone to ask where we were. We were already late for our sound check. I told him that it looked to be about 10 minutes, but to factor traffic in with that. It was apparently rush hour, and that apparently means that left turns are not allowed within a one mile radius of the place we are trying to get to. After navigating our way back to the place we were told to go (a parking garage entrance), a nice little car decides to come out of said entrance at the same time. Little known fact: cars are actually harder to maneuver in reverse than a Traverse WITH A UHAUL BEHIND IT!!! So, this nice car sat there until we moved out of it’s way. I helped unload the equipment in the middle of the freaking street because of this nice little car, and then Tony drove around the block AGAIN and pulled into the entrance to the parking garage, where we encountered more trouble from security who seemed hesitant to open the door us, even though the sound guy was the one talking to her. Enter little black cloud above Grace’s head (this is a little known fact that is becoming increasingly well known to those who have to be around me.) We had just enough time to set up our equipment and do monitor checks before doors opened at this point and the only thing that saved our moods was little Infinity.

Infinity is the 8 year old daughter of John and Danita Ellis, they also have a 3 year old son, Hayden, who we will talk about tomorrow. We met these lovely folks when they came to a show at The Kennedy Center last time we were in DC. Infinity wrote a review of our music that her dad posted to No Depression, a blog that he writes for, along with a picture that she drew of us. The Ellis’ took us into their home after the show, and we are super thankful for that. Infinity, never meeting a stranger, was super excited when it was suggested that Alli and I ride the metro home with her and her mom, while her dad rode with the boys to find a suitable parking space for the Uhaul. So, here is an intriguing picture of Alli’s first ride on the metro…20141001_230821 At this point in time, she was talking about “OMG, my hair is so long” (said in valley girl voice).

So, anyway, we didn’t get mugged on the metro, as was my fear since it was midnightish. That’s pretty much all that happened, so I will leave you with a picture of us singing I’ll Fly Away with Dom at our super finale at The Hamilton in Washington, DC, then you can wait for tomorrow’s installment of Alli’s first home school field trip. photo(2)


About conspiragracetheory

In 2015, I was writing about our adventures on tour as Grace and Tony. I have decided to spend 2016 on a new project called Conspiragrace Theory, which is a blog about things I believe, but have no proof for. Most of the time this will be things that I just blurt out and don't really think on or research. Some of it will be offensive. If you don't like it, don't read it.
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3 Responses to Tour life: Day 5

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted. Hope all is well.


  2. Danita says:

    It was our PLEASURE to have you! Thank you for your kindness to our daughter! We all LOVE YOU GUYS!


  3. Kristine says:

    A field trip in DC! Can’t wait to hear! The Hope Diamond? Julia Child’s kitchen? The Holocaust Museum? Exciting!!!


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