Tour life: Day 4

Lancaster, PA. This is the only Lancaster pronounced LANK-iss-ter. So, there’s that. We played there for day 4 on tour at an Irish pub and music venue called Tellus 360. If you are a venue owner, you better start taking some notes! The owner is really Irish and I’m pretty sure everyone I talked to had an Irish accent. We came in and the owner came to us and shook our hands, talked for a bit, and told us to come in and have a meal on the house. Most of us had the shepherd’s pie, but Tony chose a chicken curry, and Alli chose the enchiladas. Then, skipping forward a bit, a girl came up to us after our set and said that the venue sent out an email telling who would be playing there that night and included a bio for each of us too. She didn’t know either of the acts, but because of that email, she decided to come out. Okay, really take note of that. That’s super cool of them to do that, and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason they had about 150 + people there. Fast forward again; the venue owner then helped us carry our stuff out to our car and told us that he definitely wanted us back anytime we were coming back through Pennsylvania. We love this guy.

Now, let me introduce you to my best friend Lenny Piazza. I met him due to me freaking out over a change of plans on our way to Miami this last February. Management wanted us to take a detour to Orlando for a meeting with some people and that left us in a pickle without a place to go. Tom, our manager, gave me the number of the guy that gave him his first job, and I texted him. At the start, this guy was hilarious, a dry sense of humor like I have, and used big intelligent words, kind of like my mom would have used with me. I knew instantly that I was going to like this guy. When we arrived at his house at two in the morning, he sat up with us and talked until we felt bad about keeping him up. Since then, we have shared times at Disneyworld, comic book stores, and Twin Peaks. Lenny is the guy that will sit with my husband and talk about music until one of them dies. Lenny. Is. Amazing. So, that being said, Lenny talked to his brother in law and found us a place to stay in West Chester, PA, which wasn’t so far from Lancaster. Maybe a little over an hour. Here is Rob’s amazing house….20141001_112152This actually does nothing for how amazing the back yard is. This is the back yard, but there is also a creek, and a huge fire pit, and behind the creek, there is a blanket of ferns that looks like you are walking through a scene in Jurassic Park. Inside, there are glass cases of guitars, and a Poodle named Josephine, and Rob was nice enough to get us breakfast from a Wawa (which is the best place on the face of the earth) and then he went to get us cheese steaks for the road at a place called The Peppermill, which Lenny suggested. They were amazing! This guy didn’t even know us and was so nice to us and we are really thankful that because of cool best friends in Orlando, that we meet cool new people in Pennsylvania.

Rob, as I mentioned, is Lenny’s brother in law. Lenny’s late wife, Diane was Rob’s sister. I didn’t have the honor of meeting this amazing woman, but I know from what I have been told that she was completely selfless and thoughtful and just a wonderful woman. Rob told us a story of his two dogs dying. One went outside and started barking at something that wasn’t there and laid down and died. The next day, the other dog passed away too. Diane, being the good sister she was, sent Rob a Blue Dog book, since the artist paints his late dog after starting to have dreams about the dog after it’s death. Rob now has several books scattered throughout his house with Blue Dog on the cover. It seems this kind act by his sister really helped him through this hard time. With the coming of Diane’s passing from cancer, came the need to commemorate her in some way. He was in Louisiana and asked if the Blue Dog artist could paint him something for this reason. The artist was dealing with cancer as well, but had just painted this beautiful painting recently and was nice enough to take out his supplies once more to paint Diane into his painting. 20141001_144301There she is, the beautiful yellow flower beside Blue Dog. Every story I hear about Diane is so touching that it is actually really starting to suck pretty bad that I never met her and never will get to meet her, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t ever get to KNOW her. She was a person that left footprints everywhere she went with her kindness and her amazing personality and those footprints leave stories to tell so that people won’t ever forget her, and those that didn’t know her would be able to understand who she was.

Well, dry your eyes now and get ready for our next stop, which is Washington, DC!


About conspiragracetheory

In 2015, I was writing about our adventures on tour as Grace and Tony. I have decided to spend 2016 on a new project called Conspiragrace Theory, which is a blog about things I believe, but have no proof for. Most of the time this will be things that I just blurt out and don't really think on or research. Some of it will be offensive. If you don't like it, don't read it.
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2 Responses to Tour life: Day 4

  1. This is beautiful Grace!! These people you met, Lenny and Rob. They are the best people in the world and I am grateful to call them my friends and even more so…my family. Dianne’s energy is everywhere!!! Soak it up and let in inside of you and she will stay with you forever ❤

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  2. Rob Schmoll says:

    Upon second reading, I wept again… It warms my heart that my actions may have played some small part in inspiring your poetry. Thank you, Grace, for having and sharing these beautiful and tender thoughts and words.


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