Getting ready for tour life

Let’s just start out with the fact that this is already day 2 for us on tour, but for the lack of wifi and me wanting to share some vital information about the goings on for us before tour, I am starting today and will just be a day late on every post. So, there.

I worked three days this week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We had a show in Muscle Shoals, AL on Thursday, and left out on Friday. This week was busy, and that goes without saying. Thursday I spent part of the day trying to get all the bills paid that I could before we left out, and doing what I could in general to make Friday’s departure smooth. Except….I didn’t pack anything, nor did I begin to wash clothes until Friday morning.

Then Friday descended upon us. The plan was to leave early enough to have supper with our friends in Louisville, KY and stay the night there before heading to Ohio on Saturday. It would also cut our trip to Ohio in half for Saturday’s drive. Friday was a day of intensity from the time we decided to get our butts out of bed. Tony and I got up, and I made ham cups (in cupcake pan place sliced ham, shredded cheese, and crack an egg inside, then bake at 400 for 15 minutes!) while Tony made a ham and cheese melt for the daughter who doesn’t eat eggs. Then, I’m not really sure what happened, except it felt like the scene in Home Alone before they left for their holiday trip. I do know, that packing is quite an ordeal for me. Let me explain…

When I pack for tour, I pack for weeks at a time, and I like to be organized and make sure I’m going to look like someone my husband would be proud of. Unfortunately, that means that I have to stay away from sweat pants and oversized t-shirts. I map out how many days I’m going to be gone and I start taking out gallon sized ziplock bags. I put on a pair of pants and chose a shirt to pair with them and try the outfit on. Looks good, take the shirt off, and try another shirt. Looks good? Okay, I have two outfits. I roll up those two shirts with my one pair of jeans and place them in the ziplock bag, throw two pair of undies in, squeeze all the air out and throw it in the suitcase. Then I repeat that sequence 10 times for a total of 20 outfits. Now I don’t have to dig through my suitcase trying to find an outfit everyday. I think that Tony both rolls his eyes at this madness/ is mildly impressed with the efficiency and organization displayed.

During my several hour packing ritual, Tony had to take our son Abe to the doggysitter’s house. Abe got several hugs, kisses, and pleads to be good while mommy and daddy were gone, and then I sent him off with tears in my eyes. Tony also took our youngest daughter, Mary, to a friends house to stay the night before going to her grandmother’s for the rest of the time we are gone. This is an easier goodbye, as I know Mary is probably just happy to be somewhere that has cable, being able to get away from her sister, and leaving the higher demands and expectations of her parents and going to the lenient ways of grandparent land. The oldest daughter, Alli, is going out with us for her second tour, but one without her sister this time. The homeschooling routine will be figured out as we go.

I also had a rental car to drop off on Friday, since my possessed car is still in the shop from rolling down a hill and hitting a barn and barbed wire fence. Then we had to pick up the Uhaul that we are pulling behind our Traverse, and by the time we left town, it was three P.M. We still had to pick up our drummer, Pete, and our cellist, Chris, before we left for Louisville. So, by the time we got to Louisville, it was ten at night and our friends helped us order pizza and made us coffee, and after talking for an hour or so, we went to bed. It wasn’t the grand reunion with friends that I had imagined, but that’s how things usually go the first day of tour.

All of this being said, we have a running game that our kids like to play while we are on tour. Anytime someone says a cuss word, the kids get a dollar. This time, however, Pete has decided that before he gives up his dollar, he will quiz Alli on a capital of a state and if she gets it right, she can have her dollar, but if she doesn’t know it, he gets to keep his dollar. That being said, Pete is not the only person that cusses on tour. I’m pretty sure Chris paid for Alli’s meal last night while we were working the merch stand and just told her we didn’t owe him because he was pre-paying for future uses. I try my hardest to keep Tony’s mouth clean, as I can not afford his bad habit.

I’ll leave you with this picture of us, taken by Chris’ mom’s huge new iPhone6 Plus. Stay tuned, because I plan on writing again tonight with details from last night’s show in Peninsula, Ohio. IMG_1801


About conspiragracetheory

In 2015, I was writing about our adventures on tour as Grace and Tony. I have decided to spend 2016 on a new project called Conspiragrace Theory, which is a blog about things I believe, but have no proof for. Most of the time this will be things that I just blurt out and don't really think on or research. Some of it will be offensive. If you don't like it, don't read it.
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2 Responses to Getting ready for tour life

  1. Rachelle Hill says:

    Your car rolled down a hill, hit a barn and barbed wire fence!! Geez! Hope no one was in it.


  2. briandutts says:

    CHRIS!!! Can not wait to see/hear all y’all again! Tales from the road is what i look forward to the most!


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